Foundation Quarter Horses
Australian Shepherds

We have been breeding  Colored Foundation Quarter Horses since 1980.  Quietly going along with our "little old fashioned" horses while all the rage was for big, BIG and BIGGER. 
We have always put the emphasis for our horses on temperament and ability.  They can stand there and look pretty but they also have to work  and be able to stay sound (mentally & physically) while doing it.   We have found that the "old style" horses have been who were able to do this for us.  I personally like to haul one horse to a show and go in ALL the classes ALL day and to go for a long trail ride too. These have been the ones that could do it and stay happy and healthy for years.
We have sold horses that have gone into every aspect of the working world, ( some who have haltered too).   Including speed event horses.
They have the personality and temperament for beginners as well as ability and grit for the cowboys.
So come on into our pages and take a look see at some  "little old fashioned" horses and working dogs. 
Standing 4 Foundation bred stallions for the 2005 season.
Gene Debra & Shawn McGuire
2422 E Badger Rd Everson Wa 98247
(360) 966-4677
updated on: 4/14/2009

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